Patient Testimonials

If you’d like to share some kind words and smiles, please ask our front desk staff for a comment card at your next appointment. We’d love to hear about your experience!

“They do a good job”

— M.N.

“This place is awesome!”

— G.G.

“They really help my teeth.”

— A.H.

“The staff is very nice.”

— B.K.

“The people are friendly. They always ask me if something hurts and care for me!”

— L.H.

“I really like going to Dr. Kaler’s office. I was scared at first, but now I feel comfortable when I go. They are fast.”

— M.M.

“The staff is very nice and friendly.”

— K.B.

“Dr. Kaler is always super helpful and always is very nice.”

— K.L.

“Great place!”

— C.H.

“The staff was extremely helpful and super nice. Makes it easy on the kids.”

— G.M.

“Awesome office with very polite, helpful people!! Loved it, and glad I can have my experience there!”

— J.G.

“They are the best; you get to watch TV when you get your braces on.”

— K.D.

“The staff is super friendly and make going here fun. They do an excellent job!”

— A.S.

“Two thumbs up!”

— I.0.

“Great workers and super nice!”

— V.M.

“Very kind. They answer any questions you have. I also like the TV they put on while you get braces on.”

— T.D.

“I was scared to get braces but they made it easy. The staff is amazing; they do an excellent job. I love this place.”

— R.V.

“The staff is friendly and they always work around our schedule.”

— Y.J.

“At the dentist the seats were comfortable and I really liked that they had the TV on the roof for me to watch and they were really gentle.”

— E.D.

“Everyone in the office was very nice and I was able to go at a good time. While getting braces on, I was comfortable in the seats and was able to get through it pretty easy.”

— R.S.

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